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CEMs Pump Kit Manufacturer

Find replacement parts for ADI® and KNF® emissions sampling pumps.

Reliable Parts
& Pump Kits

All our parts are made in the USA 🇺🇸

Our pump repair kits offer the essential items needed to keep your sampling pump head(s) running at peak efficiency. Included are diaphragms, seals, gaskets, and for your convenience, screws, heater cartridges, motors, and bearings.


Precision Manufacturing for CEMS

Over 50 years of combined experience in CEMS pumps, service components, and manufacturing. If you don't find what you need our engineering team can make it to order.

Precision and Service

Our mission is to deliver the absolute greatest parts and customer experience. We will continue to add to our inventory of available parts and welcome requests and feedback from our customers to improve our existing services. We see customers as partners and we look forward to partnering with you.


Take Action

Easily search and source the parts you need from our existing inventory. If you don’t see the part you need? We can make it or help you source the part from our network.

If you're unsure what to do, don't hesitate to ask a resident expert. We don't just staff excellent customer service representatives but also engineers who can answer your detailed questions.

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